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US Medtech launches in UK

What do we do for International Clients?

For US companies looking to enter the UK or European markets, BizExpert Online provides advice and support. Launching March 1st and based in New York and the UK, BizExpert Online will provide support to your business for every aspect of launching your products and services in the UK and Europe.

We provide a single in-country point of contact for market research, competitive analysis, sales and marketing support, access to grants and funding, local partnerships, professional service providers, operational support in legal, compliance, recruitment, real estate etc. .

Through our own Advisors, Analysts and Researchers and via the UK wide network of specialist advisors and support organisations focused on helping US companies launching in the UK, we help international companies succeed in entering the UK and European markets.

Overseas businesses looking to develop new markets in the UK or Europe can access UK markets, identify

partners, service providers and local support for sales and operations with support from BizExpert. For the cost of a single business trip to visit the UK an overseas business can have twelve months’ support to build a detailed picture of their target market. Identify key partners, contacts and service providers. Build critical relationships and make investment decisions based on detailed local market knowledge. BizExpert gives overseas businesses a local team of researchers, analysts and business consultants to provide in country/region expertise with which to launch or grow their UK and European markets, develop their pipeline and strategic relationships without the risks and costs associated with long distance hires or speculative agent or distributor relationships. The key to success, when entering any new market, is to understand its size and structure and to identify any clearly defined segments that are accessible to your product or services. Good planning speeds up the delivery of your objectives and helps to control costs. Our consultants will work very closely with your organization through a process of analysis, setting strategic objectives, tactical planning and budgeting.

BizExpert Online 22nd, November 2016
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