Our Services


We provide a single point of contact for strategy development, project support, market research, competitive analysis, sales and marketing support, access to grants and funding, local partnerships, professional service providers, operational support in legal, compliance, recruitment, real estate etc. .


An entirely new, scalable advisory service built on a growth oriented methodology supported by a team orf advisors, analyst and researchers alongside a powerful new AI driven online  portal. Offering greater flexibility and accessibility for businesses needing support.

Business Intelligence

Market research can be time consuming and expensive. We provide research into your market for your product or service, research to identify market attitudes to new product ideas research to look at the performance of a product in market. Sales routes to markets, potential channel partners, competitors routes to market.


Overseas businesses looking to develop new markets in the UK or Europe can access UK markets, identify partners, service providers and local support for sales and operations with support from BizExpert. For the cost of a single business trip to visit the UK an overseas business can have twelve months’ support to build a detailed picture of their target market. Identify key partners, contacts and service providers

AI Portal

The BizExpert portal is a secure app for your company to manage every aspect of our services we deliver to you. All your projects can be accessed to see progress, manage activities and update current progress. You can interact with your BizExpert team your own staff and third-party specialists. You can access the eLearning academy and the eDocs library. The portal also offers competitive analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic tools and a full archive of past information and projects completed.

Finding Finance

Finding sources of finance can be a full time job. BizExpert offers resources identifying providers of Grants, commercial and public sector finance options available to companies from UK and international sources.