So how does it work?how does it work

BixExpert delivers its services face to face and through a private web portal. Your advisor is supported by Analysts, Researchers and the UK wide specialists from across the Private and Public sectors. Every project can be accessed by you and any of your employees involved. The advisors, analysts and researchers from BizExpert deliver a wealth of management information, industry and sector intelligence and competitive analysis. You also benefit from access to one of the largest collections of eLearning courses and events listings for your professional development and networking. You also have access to an extensive eDocument library of white papers and industry analysis.

All our advisors and many third-party specialists are available online via our webchat, video chat or voice portal. Select the area of expertise required and view the advisors’ calendars to select the time and method of communication most suitable. You can access our advisors immediately (if available) or book online meetings up to 3 months in advance Mon-Fri 7am to 10pm

The BizExpert portal is a secure mini-site for your company to manage every aspect of our services we deliver to you. All the management information we deliver to you can be reviewed in your portal. All projects can be accessed to see progress, manage activities and update current progress. You can interact with your BizExpert team your own staff and third-party specialists. You can also communicate with your peers through the knowledgebase or peer groups you may participate in. You can access the eLearning academy and the eDocs library. The portal also offers competitive analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic tools and a full archive of past information and projects completed.



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