Market research can be time consuming and expensive. It is, on the other hand, the most important phase when looking at entering a new market.

We provide research into; the market for your product or service, research to identify market attitudes to new product ideas, research to look at the performance of a product in market – specifically medical devices. These services are undertaken using our own extensive contacts and experience. In this way we are able to keep costs as low as possible. We will provide concise, relevant reports.

When carrying out market research, where appropriate, we approach companies using your company name or brand to begin the process of building awareness within the market.

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The key to success, when entering any new market, is to understand its size and structure and to identify any clearly defined segments that are accessible to your product or services. Much of this research will have been done when you first contact us. (If this has not been done, or more specific research is needed, we can do this for you.)

Good planning speeds up the delivery of your objectives and helps to control costs. Our consultants will work very closely with your organisation through a process of analysis, setting strategic objectives, tactical planning and budgeting.

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The Quick Market Assessment service is an early stage look at the market to establish the viability of a product or service. The economical service is based on the following steps:

  • Understanding your company products, services and capabilities.
  • An overview of potential market segments, routes to market, competitors and pricing structure.
  • Regulatory environment.

From the above research we produce a QMA report which is a good first step (logic and check) before major expenditure is incurred.

This service can be provided for individual companies, groups of companies and Overseas Trade Missions.

Stage 1   We will provide you with a report listing a number of relevant companies and, where appropriate, industry bodies we propose you meet with in the UK. The list will include an overview of the company/organisation, address and contact details. We will also include relevant industry events and dates in the UK.

Stage 2  We will contact the companies, introduce your product or service, send out samples if appropriate and arrange meetings for you within an agreed time frame. We will also provide you with any feedback from the companies contacted.

BRMA has many years experience in working with UK and overseas based trade commissioners and government trade departments. For example, BRMA is one of the Canadian High Commission’s Additional Service Providers.  We are members of UKAN and many other trade organisations.

The range of services we can provide include:

  • Research specific to individual companies
  • Business matching services for trade missions
  • Advice, seminars and workshops to potential exporters to the UK. covering various market sectors including Healthcare, Medical Devices, IT, and Education. We also include understanding the cultural side of the UK as a market.

The UK Market Access services include:

6 months discounted self-contained premium office provided by University of Warwick Science Park

Discounted UK Company Formation by EBS

Official address (Registered Office) and legal compliance (Company Secretary) services for your limited company provided by EBS

First 10 days of market research from Techmark at a 20% discount

20 days of lead generation services from The JMB Partnership at a 20% discount

Bank account opening facilitated by EBS

Outsourced financial administration services by EBS

Marketing strategy development by Techmark at a 20% discount

Specialist recruitment services by Estrelas




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